Thursday, May 8, 2014

Carly's 1s't Birthday Blast

Hello everyone I'm back it's been a while I didn't  visit my blog due to my little girl's birthday party preparation who is turned ONE last Saturday. Time flies so fast seems like it was just recently I had a baby and now she's already one.
I want to share with you guys Carly's birthday photos, I did held it at the park unfortunately the weather didn't agree with my party it was super windy. I can't decorate the shelter real good were I originally planned to make it look nice but the wind just blows everything but I can't complain with mother nature I'll take it better than rain.
Here's my two Minnie mouse's, the celebrant and the cake
Despite the windy weather the kids had so much fun with the games.
Since I connot reach the ceiling to hang the piñata and the hanging candies(pabitin) I just hold it for them to reach it, well it works good.
I also had a game for the adults a balloon race
 where they walk with the balloon between their knees. It was funny and fun to watch them racing and of course the winner has a prize.
She was asleep for two hours in the party so we have to wait until she wakes up so that we can sing happy birthday and smash her cake because the kids are excited and ready to eat the cake and cupcakes. But of course since she just woke up she don't want to sit in the high chair so mommy has to hold her. I don't have to light up the candle because it's windy and she just poke the cake and taste it a little bit, I think she's not waking up completely to do all that stuff that's why the cake still in shape.
Thank you so much to everyone who gave the gifts I really appreciate it.
Carly says thank you for my awesome and wonderful gifts, I like them all.
Me and carly would like to say thank you to all the people who came to the party and celebrate with us it was a fun-tastic day with so much joy and laughter. Thank you also to all my friends and family who's giving me a hand and for helping me out to make the party happen I really appreciate it so much.
Now you guys know why I was absent for couple weeks, this is what I was busy for he-he I'm glad to be back.

Thanks for stopping by everyone see ya in a little bit!


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  1. Super cute Carly! Happy 1st and I love your party theme baby. God bless you and your family sis.

    Mommy Maye


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