Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Design #2

This week I will share to you another gift wrapping design, I'll just put design #2 since this is my second one so far.
 This present I wrapped for my friend's grandkid's birthday she requested to wrap it nicely because she wants it to be special and pretty looking on her special day. So lets get started.

  1. Clear tape
  2. Scissor
  3. Tape measure
  4. Ribbon (white, 1 or 3/4 inch width  in size)  
  5. Bow ( color of your choice)
 Take the white ribbon and cut about 25 centimeter long and cut it into three parts.
 Take one piece and fold it in half and cut it into six straight lines.
The best way to divide it into six is to cut the center first then cut each side into three. 
 You will need 100 centimeters of ribbon or more for this design but it varies on how long is the present.
 Take a piece of the cut one and fold it in opposite way, it helps to make the design stand out and prettier. 
 connect both ends by taping it together.  
Repeat until you finish all 100 centimeters. It's 12 pieces altogether.
 This design applies when your present is long or you put it in a rectangular box.
Take each piece and tape it on the center of the box that been wrapped in long way same direction as the box. Just place it on top of each other, six pieces on each side.
Make sure to leave a space on the center for the bow.
Place your beautiful bow on the center.
 Quick, simple, easy and pretty.
I hope that I explain it very well for you guys to follow, this is another easiest and simplest design again that I can share to all of you.I'm sure you can do it at home also just be patient to do all the cutting and measuring. I know It's not going to be perfect for the first try and many mistakes are expected especially the cutting part but that's okay keep on trying until you get it.
When you practice now you will be good at it when Christmas time come because that is the time that we will be wrapping a lot of gifts right? So why not start today! Go grab the things that you need and start wrapping with an empty box that's how I started when the first time I was still learning and after I wrap it I display it in my room so that I can see my beautiful creation everyday.
Stay tuned for more tutorial and beautiful gift wrapping design, Whenever you are thinking to wrap a gift and need any ideas feel free to visit my blog


  1. That is soo creative :)

    Thanks for joining my site..I followed back

  2. great idea,u asked about follow each other ,i follow u on g+ and gfc i hope u do the same for me ,kisses from italy

  3. I love it, sis! If I receive a gift as prettily wrapped as that, I would have trouble opening it. It's such a shame to see it destroyed! :D

  4. Where did you get the bow? Did I miss the tutorial on that?

  5. I made the bow too, haven't post this bow design yet but I had one posted with heart shape design on my valentine bow tutorial.

    1. Will forward to that tutorial. That bow is dainty and looks like a dahlia to me.

  6. Nice idea sis, can you make the tutorial of the bow? It's so pretty. :-)

  7. Lovely pink bow that you created. This one is certainly really unique.

  8. Very creative and it shows that you've put in a lot of effort with the gift, even with the wrappings. I love the swirl effect.

  9. I really love your skill when it comes to gift wrapping and bow making. Very unique and lovely to look to at:) Thanks for sharing this great crafty moments:)

  10. Great skills Dai, I love all your bows and gift wrapping techniques, keep it up.:)

  11. it looks nice but look easy to make nman pala. thanks for sharing!

  12. You are very creative talaga, so cute sis. You make it so easy to do. Thank you for this another DIY :)

    Mommy Maye

  13. That is so nice. When I need of ribbons and gift wrapping designs, I may visit your site for the tutorials.

  14. Any gift will look very special when wrapped this way! Ang galing mo and I enjoy your patience :)

  15. You are truly creative sis. :-) I love the result!

  16. Galing! My mom pala used to do bows like that, too, when they still owned a general merchandise store 20 years ago. It's a nice business idea!

  17. I love that the color of the ribbons go perfectly well with the wrapper! Little girls would surely love to receive this.

  18. Your bow creations just add perfection to perfect gift wrap. Its always nice to have a really perfect bow to compliment the special occasion. Keep it up, Dai:)

  19. Learned something new today. Nice and easy to do for making gifts prettier. Thanks for the tutorial.


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