Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Bow

Halloween Bow

This bow is made of poly ribbon which is cut individually. You will need a scissor, 3/4 inch width black ribbon,1/2 inch width orange ribbon, tape measure, and a transparent tape.

You will need 700 centimeters of black ribbon and cut it into 100 cm individually. It will be 7 pieces of ribbon with 100 cm long, then cut each piece into 4 (cut in half and then the other half cut in half again)repeat procedure until you cut all 7 pieces. After cutting it will become 28 pieces of ribbon with 25 cm long. Use the tape to stick the end of the ribbon to the other end to make it bend, repeat procedure until you taped all 28 pieces.

Draw a circle in a cardboard using a lid of a bottle or any lids that is round to make a perfect circle. Sizes of the circle varies how big the bow your making. Then cut it out and use it as a base of your bow.


Now take the taped ribbon and stick it around the edge of the base to assemble a bow, repeat procedure until you cover the base with 28 pieces of taped ribbons.


Then now you need 200 centimeters of orange ribbon cut it into 12 pieces it will be 14 centimeters long in each piece. Then cut the tip of each piece with scissor couple times to make a fringe, then tape the other end to the bow, just place it on the bow where ever you want it to be. 


The size of this bow is 11 and a 1/2 inches perfect for house decoration especially Halloween is coming up. All you have to do is cut an orange crepe paper streamer,( you can buy crepe paper streamer in the store ).Cut it long enough depends how wide is your ceiling, Cut 8 pieces of crepe paper in the same length and stick them on the center of the ceiling using thumb nail to stay in place. Then twist each piece couple times  and spread it out to the ceiling and use masking tape to stick it to the ceiling according to the distance that you like.



Now place the bow on the center of the streamer.

There you have a Halloween decoration in your house with Halloween bow. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE.. Hope you learn and enjoy making it in your home. (Source by: Rosegen Yeager).