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Valentine Bow Tutorial

Red bow with heart design

Hi everyone here is my bow tutorial for those who wants to learn a Valentine bow, I choose red ribbon with heart design, obviously coz it's a love month. I design the heart by myself by cutting it individually so there will be a lot of cutting going on here.
All you have to do is be patient making this coz your hard work will paid off afterwards when  you see your beautiful creation. Alright lets get started
All you need:
                1.Red ribbon (size 1 inch or 3/4 inch width) about 200 cm for one
                2.Small scissor   
                3.Clear tape with dispenser
                4.Piso coin or a quarter($25 cents)
                5.Tape measure
                6.Poster board for the bow base


You can buy the ribbon online for U.S residents its called poly ribbon they have various kinds of colors that you can choose or you can buy it in a grocery store, normally you can find this type of ribbon in the grocery during Christmas time they only have red, white and green available as a Christmas color, that's why I grab a few last Christmas coz I'm gonna be using it a lot on different occasions.


For Philippine residents you can buy it in a craft store or in a store that sell fabrics, I suggest to get a storck brand coz that's the good kind,  and for the clear tape use the scotch brand or evercel brand that holds your ribbon pretty good and stayed for long period of time.

This is how you do it:

  Cut two 100 centimeters ribbon from the spool or ribbon roll.

On the tape measure you can see the big numbers is for inches and the smaller numbers on the other side is for centimeters.


Take one of the 100 cm ribbon cut it into half, and repeat it to the other one too so, it become four pieces altogether.
Cut four of them into half again to become eight pieces
Now you have eight pieces here, take one piece fold it into three and cut it
Cut all eight pieces to get twenty four pieces altogether
Finally were done all the cutting and now were going to do the design.

Take one piece from twenty four pieces and fold it in half long ways
 Leave at least a quarter inch from the bottom edge of the ribbon before you start cutting
Now we start to cut it and form into a heart shape

As you form the heart turn the scissor up and continue cutting in long way to make a stem of the heart, cut it thinly as possible but not too thin coz it's not gonna hold the heart and not too thick coz when you open the fold up, it looks funny with a wider stem, cut it just right it takes a lot of practice but once you got it, it looks good. When cutting the stem leave about a half inch to the top edge of the ribbon.

Open the fold and it will be look like this
Repeat the process until you finish all twenty four pieces
Now were done cutting the design, lets assemble the bow

Draw a circle using the coin, this will be the bow base
The size of this bow is 4x4 (4 inches height and 4 inches width)
If you wish to make a smaller bow you can use smaller coin or any round object that you can find, you just use it to draw a circle so it doesn't matter if it's a coin or not.

Now bend the ribbon, do not fold it just bend to the other end but not close to the edge leave about .5 cm to the edge as it shown above. Then taped it to hold it in position. Make sure your tape is long enough coz your going to tape it again to the base.

Place the taped one to the side of the dispenser so that it wont stick to each other, but if you don't have dispenser just lay it on the table sideway or upside down.

Get one ribbon and stick it to the edge of the base, do not overlap on the base just on the very edge. Must pay attention here.

Start filling the base with first four, as you can see there are four gaps in between of each ribbon you will be filling that up with another four ribbons.

   This will be the first layer, There are eight ribbons in here so far so, lets continue filling the gaps again for second layer.

Add eight more ribbons on second layer

Now you have the second layer filled up, this is how it looks like its already pretty but hang in there, there's gonna be another layer

In this step you only need to use another four ribbons for the third layer coz the remaining four we will put it on the center of the bow

Now you have four remaining ribbons we will put it on the center

Place one ribbon where the three layer is, just calculate the distance on each ribbon so that four of them will fit on the center

Make sure its lined up, you can always remove the ribbon if its crooked and stick it again until it lined up.

When you already put two in there, turn your bow to the other side just across and start sticking the other two left

Make sure you stick it very close to each other on the last one so that you can't see the base
Let go your fingers

We finally finish (ha ha), there you have a beautiful red bow with heart design. I hope I explained it good and clear for all of you guys.

This is what it looks like upside down


I hope you guys are patient enough to read all this coz I know it's very lloonnngg (ha ha) It probably take you a week to read this (just kidding).But as I said it paid off afterwards as you can see it's very pretty. Most people said it's too pretty to use.
I wish you guys had fun as much as I do, now you can start making your own bow for your love ones, it would be nice if you do it on your own with all the efforts and love you put on it, I'm sure you will be appreciated.
So, now lets go shopping and grab the materials you needed sit back and relax then make the bow, you don't have to finish it in one day you have one week to finish it before Valentines.
You can use other color beside red and don't forget to share it on your post when you made one I will be glad to see it.
Have a great Valentines Day ahead everyone
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